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Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior > Siebel-Srvrmgr


This Release Siebel-Srvrmgr-0.29  [Download] [Browse 14 Jan 2017
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Siebel::Srvrmgr utilities to be used with the Siebel srvrmgr program     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Comps_source Moose Role for classes that exposes Siebel Server components information     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Connection class responsible to provide connection details of a Siebel Enterprise     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon super class for sessions with Siebel srvrmgr program     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action base class for Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon action     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::Check::Component role for classes that hold Siebel server components information     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::Check::Server role for classes that hold Siebel server components information     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::CheckComps subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to verify components status     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::CheckTasks subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to verify components tasks status     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::Dummy subclass for Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to do nothing with the buffer content     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::Dumper subclass for Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to dump buffer content     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::ListCompDef subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to stored parsed list comp def output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::ListCompTypes subclass for parsing list comp types command output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::ListComps subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to deal with list comp output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::ListParams subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to parse list params output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::ListSessions subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to recover sessions information     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::LoadPreferences dummy subclass of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action to allow execution of load preferences command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action::Serializable role for serializable subclasses of Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::ActionFactory abstract factory to create Action subclasses     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::ActionStash singleton to stash data returned by Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Action subclasses     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Cleanup Moose roles for Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon subclasses cleanup     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Command daemon command class     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Condition object that checks which conditions should keep a Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon running     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Connection Moose roles for Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon subclasses that uses a connection     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Heavy subclass that reuses srvrmgr program instance for long periods     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Light subclass for running commmands with srvrmgr in batch mode     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon::Offline subclass that reads srvrmgr output from a file     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::IPC IPC functionality for Siebel::Srvrmgr classes.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser state model parser to idenfity which output type was read     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Buffer class to store output of commands     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::FSA the FSA::Rules class specification for Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output base class of srvrmgr output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Duration Moose role to deal with start and end time of objects     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Enterprise subclass that represents the initial information from a Siebel server when connected through srvrmgr program.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ListComp::Comp class that represents a Siebel component     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ListComp::Server class to parse and aggregate information about servers and their components     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ListProcs::Proc class to represent instances of processes from "list procs" command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ListServers::Server class that represents a Siebel Server return by a "list servers" command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ListTasks::Task class to represent a Siebel task     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::LoadPreferences subclass to parse load preferences command.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Set subclass to parse set command.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular base class for all command outputs that have a tabular form     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ByServer a Moose Role to retrieve data under a Siebel Server     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListComp subclass that parses list comp commands output of srvrmgr.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListCompDef subclass to parse component definitions     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListCompTypes subclass to parse list comp types command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListParams subclass to parse output of the command list comp params.     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListProcs subclass to parse list procs command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListServers subclass to parse list servers command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListSessions subclass to parse list tasks command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::ListTasks subclass to parse list tasks command     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::Struct base class for parsing srvrmgr tabular output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::Struct::Delimited subclasses to parse delimited output from srvrmgr     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::Tabular::Struct::Fixed subclass to parse fixed width output from srvrmgr     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output::ToString Moose role to "stringfy" objects     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::OutputFactory abstract factory class to create Siebel::Srvrmgr::ListParser::Output objects     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Log::Enterprise module to read a Siebel Enterprise log file     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Log::Enterprise::Archive a Moose Role for Enterprise log file data archiving     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Log::Enterprise::Parser::Comp_alias parses of component alias from the Siebel Enterprise log file     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Manual general instructions how to use this distribution     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::OS::Process class to represents a operational system process of Siebel     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::OS::Unix module to recover information from OS processes of Siebel components     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Regexes common regular expressions to match things in srvrmgr output     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Types definition of types restrictions for Siebel::Srvrmgr     0.29
Siebel::Srvrmgr::Util::IniDaemon creates a Siebel::Srvrmgr::Daemon from a INI configuration file     0.29
Test::Fixtures small functions to facilitate extended tests