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Dagobert Michelsen > Solaris-DeviceTree


This Release Solaris-DeviceTree-0.03  [Download] [Browse 13 Dec 2003
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Special Files


Solaris::DeviceTree::Filesystem Perl interface to /dev and /devices    1.10
Solaris::DeviceTree::Filesystem::MinorNode Minor node of the Solaris device filetree    1.07
Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo Perl interface to the Solaris devinfo library    1.09
Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo::Impl Foreign function interface to the Solaris libdevinfo library     
Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo::MinorNode Minor node of the Solaris devicetree    1.05
Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo::PromProperty PROM property of a node of the Solaris devicetree    1.06
Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo::Property Property of a node of the Solaris devicetree    1.07
Solaris::DeviceTree::Node Abstract base class for all device nodes    1.10
Solaris::DeviceTree::OBP Utility functions for OBP access    1.08
Solaris::DeviceTree::Overlay Unification of multiple devicetrees    1.04
Solaris::DeviceTree::Overlay::MinorNode     1.03
Solaris::DeviceTree::PathToInst Perl interface to /etc/path_to_inst    1.06


Solaris::DeviceTree Perl interface to the Solaris devicetree 
Solaris::DeviceTree::MinorNode Generic minor node of the devicetree 
devtree Print information about the device tree in Solaris