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stem_msg - Inject a message into a Stem Hub


stem_msg -cell <cell> [-hub <hub>] [-target <target>] [-cmd <cmd>] [-data <data>] [-ack] [-host <host>] [-port <port>]

        -C <cell>               The Stem Cell to send this message to.
        -cell <cell>            This is required.

        -H <hub>                The hub which has the addressed Stem Cell.
        -hub <hub>              

        -T <target>             The target address of the Stem Cell
        -target <target>

        -c <cmd>                The cmd type to send in the message
        -cmd <cmd>              If no cmd is set, it will be a data type

        -d <data>               The data to be sent in the message.
        -data <data>            Default is an empty string.

        -a                      Wait for an acknowledge message before
        -ack                    exiting.

        -h <host>               The host which the Stem Hub is on.
        -host <host>            Default: localhost

        -p <port>               The port which the Stem Portal is listening
        -port <port>            to.
                                Default: 10,000 (probably will change)


This program is meant to inject a single message into a Stem Hub. You set the Cell address with the command line options and then which command to execute in that Cell. If you don't set a command, then a data message will be sent. You can send data in the message as well.

If the Cell generates a response message, then its data will be printed on stdout.

If the -ack option is set, then the message will have the ack_req flag will be set in the outgoing message. This will cause an 'ack' type message to be sent back after the original message has been delivered. This is meant for when you send a message to a Cell which doesn't generate a response. It lets this program know that it can exit.

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