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This Release Strehler-1.6.8  [Download] [Browse 30 Jan 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Strehler A light-weight, nerdy, smart CMS in perl based on Perl Dancer2 framework.     v1.6.8
Strehler::API App that gives a RESTful interface to Strehler data     v1.6.8
Strehler::Admin App holding the routes used by Strehler backend     v1.6.8
Strehler::Dancer2::Plugin::Admin Dancer2 Plugin to write new routes in the Strehler Backend     v1.6.8
Strehler::Dancer2::Plugin::EX Plugin for easy and fast site building!     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element Base class for Strehler entities management     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Article Strehler Entity for articles     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Image Strehler Entity for images     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Log Strehler Entity for logs     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Role::Configured Configuration role     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Role::Maintainer Maintainer role     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::Role::Slugged A role to manage element's slug     v1.6.8
Strehler::Element::User Strehler Entity for users     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Category FormFu Element for Strehler Category Selector.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::DisplayOrder FormFu Element for Strehler Display order field.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::EntitySelect FormFu Element to allow browsing a Strehler entity with a select box.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::EntityTypeSelect FormFu Element to allow to select a Strehler entity.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::PublishDate FormFu Element for Strehler publish date field.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Slug FormFu Element for Strehler slug field.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::SubmitBlock FormFu Element for Strehler submit buttons.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::SubmitBlockMulti FormFu Element for Strehler generic submit buttons.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Tags FormFu Element for Strehler tags field.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::CategoryUnique FormFu Validator for Category form.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::FilenameTooLong FormFu Validator for File field in image form.     v1.6.8
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::UserUnique FormFu Validator for User form.     v1.6.8
Strehler::Forms Functions to manage forms     v1.6.8
Strehler::Helpers Helpers     v1.6.8
Strehler::Meta::Category Strehler Category class. Best tool to organize contents.     v1.6.8
Strehler::Meta::Tag Strehler Entity for Tags     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema DBIx::Class Schema for Strehler database tables     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::ActivityLog     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Article     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Category     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::ConfiguredTag     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Content     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Description     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Image     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::Tag     v1.6.8
Strehler::Schema::Result::User     v1.6.8


Strehler::Manual::Configuration How to configure Strehler on Dancer2  
Strehler::Manual::Dashboard Dashboard configuration  
Strehler::Manual::ExtraEntityConfiguration Configurable flags on extra entities  
Strehler::Manual::ExtraEntityTutorial How to add custom objects to a Strehler backend  
Strehler::Manual::Installation How to install Strehler  
Strehler::Manual::MarkdownArticleTutorial A tutorial about how Element hooks work