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String::Dirify - Convert a string into a directory name

Synopsis ^

        use String::Dirify;

        my($dir_1) = String::Dirify -> dirify('frobnitz');


        use String::Dirify ':all';

        my($dir_2) = dirify('bar baz');

Or even:

        use String::Dirify;

        my($sd)    = String::Dirify -> new();
        my($dir_3) = $sd -> dirify('!Q@W#E$R%T^Y');

Description ^

String::Dirify is a pure Perl module.

This module allows you to convert a string (possibly containing high ASCII characters, and even HTML) into another, lower-cased, string which can be used as a directory name.

For usage, see the Synopsis.

This code is derived from similar code in Movable Type.

Method: dirify($string [, $separator]) ^

Returns a string, which can be used as a directory name.

The default separator is '_'.

Each run of spaces in the string is replaced by this separator.

Algorithm ^

1: Each high ASCII character is replaced by its normal equivalent
2: The string is converted to lower case
3: Any HTML (including HTML entities) in the string is removed
4: Any characters which are not (Perl) words, spaces or hyphens, are removed
5: Runs of spaces are converted to the separator character

For more details about this character, see the discussion of the dirify() method (above).

Melody 'v' Movable Type ^

See for details.

Backwards Compatibility with Movable Type ^

Unfortunately, the way Movable Type uses dirify() allows a fake separator - '1' - to be used for the second parameter in the call to dirify().

The '1' triggered usage of '_' as the separator, rather than the '1' provided.

This 'feature' has been preserved in String::Dirify, but is discouraged. Instead, simply drop the second parameter and let the code default to '_'.

Distributions ^

This module is available as a Unix-style distro (*.tgz).

See for details.


Authors ^

String::Dirify started out as part of the Movable Type code.

Then, Mark Stosberg cut down the original code to provide just the English/ISO/ASCII features.

Lastly, the code was cleaned up, tests added, and all packaged, by Ron Savage <> in 2009.


Copyright ^

Copyright (c) 2009, Mark Stosberg, Ron Savage.

Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, Ron Savage.

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