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tile_types -> [str]

Returns the list of all the tile types TAEB uses.

trap_types -> [str]

Returns the list of all the trap types TAEB uses.

delta2vi Int, Int -> Str

This will return a vi key for the given dx, dy.

vi2delta Str -> Int, Int

This will return a dx, dy key for the given vi key (also accepted is .).

angle :: (Dir, Dir) -> Int

Returns the absolute angle in octants between two directions.

deltas -> [[dx, dy]]

Returns a list of arrayreferences, each a pair of delta x and delta y. Suitable for iterating over.

align2str :: Int -> Str

Convert an alignment modifier like -5 into a Law/New/Cha.

dice spec -> avg | min avg max

Given a regular dice spec (e.g. "10d5" or "d4+2d6"), returns the average, minimum, and maximum. In scalar context, it will return just the average. In list context, it will return a list of (minimum, average, maximum).

crow_flies [Int, Int, ]Int, Int -> Str

Returns the vi key directions required to go from where TAEB is to the given coordinates. If two sets of coordinates are passed in, they will be interpreted as the "from" coordinates, instead of TAEB's current position.

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