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This Release Tail-Tool-v0.4.7  [Download] [Browse 10 Apr 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Tail::Tool Tool for sophisticated tailing of files     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::File Looks after individual files     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::GroupLines Groups real lines of a log file so that other plugins treat then as one line.     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::Highlight Highlights any text that matches the supplied regular expressions.     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::Ignore <One-line description of module's purpose>     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::Match Checks that each line passed matches a regex     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::Replace <One-line description of module's purpose>     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Plugin::Spacing Prints spaces when there has been a pause in running.     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::PostProcess The parent module for plugins that change individual lines. eg highlighting     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::PreProcess Parent module for Plugins that perform pre-processing tasks on tailed lines. eg filtering     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::Regex Base class for regex details     v0.4.7
Tail::Tool::RegexList <One-line description of module's purpose>     v0.4.7


Tail::Tool::Config Description of the configuration of Tail::Tool  
tailt Tail files using the Tail::Tool library