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This Release Test-Class-Moose-0.82  [Download] [Browse 05 Apr 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Test::Class::Moose Serious testing for serious Perl     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::AttributeRegistry Global registry of tags by class and method.     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::CLI Use this in your tcm.t script for a drop-in runner tool     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Config Configuration information for Test::Class::Moose     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Deprecated Managed deprecation warnings for Test::Class::Moose     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Executor::Parallel Execute tests in parallel (parallelized by instance)     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Executor::Sequential Execute tests sequentially     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Load Load Test::Class::Moose classes automatically.     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Report Test information for Test::Class::Moose     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Report::Class Reporting on test classes     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Report::Instance Reporting on test classes     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Report::Method Reporting on test methods     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Report::Time Reporting object for timing     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role Test::Class::Moose for roles     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::AutoUse Automatically load the classes you're testing     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::CLI Role for command line argument handling and extra CLI features     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::Executor Common code for Runner classes     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::HasTimeReport Report timing role     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::ParameterizedInstances run tests against multiple instances of a test class     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Role::Reporting Reporting gathering role     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Runner Runner for Test::Class::Moose tests     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Tutorial A starting guide for Test::Class::Moose     0.82
Test::Class::Moose::Util Internal utilities     0.82

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