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This Release Test-Magpie-0.11  [Download] [Browse 16 Aug 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Test::Magpie Mocking framework with method stubs and behaviour verification     0.11
Test::Magpie::ArgumentMatcher Various templates to catch arguments     0.11
Test::Magpie::Inspect Inspect method invocations on mock objects     0.11
Test::Magpie::Invocation Represents an invocation of a method     0.11
Test::Magpie::Meta::Class Metaclass for mocks     0.11
Test::Magpie::Mock Mock objects     0.11
Test::Magpie::Role::HasMock A role for objects that wrap around a mock     0.11
Test::Magpie::Role::MethodCall A role that represents a method call     0.11
Test::Magpie::Stub The declaration of a stubbed method     0.11
Test::Magpie::Types Type constraints used by Magpie     0.11
Test::Magpie::Util Internal utility functions for Test::Magpie     0.11
Test::Magpie::Verify Look into the invocation history of a mock for verification     0.11
Test::Magpie::When The process of stubbing a mock method call     0.11