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fb - Frontend script for Text::FormBuilder


    $ fb my_form.txt -o form.html
    $ fb my_form.txt -o my_form.html -D action=/cgi-bin/


Parses a formspec file from the command line and creates an output file. The sort of output file depends on the value given to the -o option. If it ends in .pm, a standalone module is created. If it ends in .pl or .cgi, a skeleton CGI script is created. Any other value, will be taken as the name of an HTML file to write. Finally, if not -o option is given then the HTML will be written to STDOUT.


-D <parameter>=<value>

Define options that are passed to the CGI::FormBuilder object. For example, to create a form on a static html page, and have it submitted to an external CGI script, you would want to define the action parameter:

    $ fb ... -D action=/cgi-bin/
-o <output file>

Where to write output, and what form to write it in. See create_form in Text::FormBuilder for a more detailed explanation.

    # write a standalone module
    $ fb myform -o
    # write a CGI script
    $ fb myform -o form.cgi
    $ fb myform -o


Peter Eichman, <>


Copyright ©2004 by Peter Eichman.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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