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efa-m - Unofficial interface to the efa.vrr.de departure monitor


efa-m [-Lr] [-d dd.mm.yyyy] [-t hh:mm] [-l lines] [-p platforms] [-u url] city [type:]name


version 1.11


efa-m lists scheduled tram, bus and train departures at the location name in city. Realtime data (i.e. delays) is included if available, it's visible in the output as a "+x" remark (meaning a delay of x minutes).

By default, name refers to a stop, this can be changed by specifying type. Supported types are address and poi (point of interest).


-d, --date dd.mm.yyyy

Show departures for date instead of today. May also be specified as dd.mm.

-L, --linelist

Do not show departures. Instead, list all lines serving the specified place. Note that this information may be incomplete -- only lines which are in service either at the time of the efa-m call or at the time specifed using --date and --time are guaranteed to be included.

-l, --line lines

Only show departures of lines (comma-separatad list, option may be repeated)

-o, --offset minutes

Ignore departures which are less than minutes from now.

-O, --output outputtypes

For each result, show additional information as specified by outputtypes. outputtypes is a comma-separated list, the -O/--output option may also be repeated. Each output type has both a short and long form, for instance both "-Or" and "--output=route" are valid.

The following output types are supported:

a / route_after

Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) after the requested station.

b / route_before

Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) before the requested station.

f / fullroute

Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) before and after the requested station.

r / route

Show up to three stops between the requested station and the departure's destination. efa-m tries to display the three most important stops, however these are heuristically determined and may not be optimal.

-p, --platform platforms

Only show departures at platforms (comma-separated list, option may be repeated). Note that the Bstg. / Gleis prefix must be omitted.

-r, --relative

Show relative departure times in minutes (i.e. the time difference between the departure and the time of the request). In this case, realtime data is already included.

-t, --time hh:mm

Show departures starting at time instead of now.

-u, --efa-url url

URL to the EFA entry point, defaults to http://efa.vrr.de/vrr/XSLT_DM_REQUEST. Depending on your location, some urls may contain more specific data than others. See Travel::Status::DE::EFA(3pm) for alternatives.

--timeout seconds

Set timeout for HTTP requests. Default: 10 seconds. Set to 0 or a negative value to disable it.

-v, --via station

Only show trains serving station after the requseted stop. station is matched against the "city stop" fields in each line's route. Regular expressions are also supported.

-V, --track-via station

Lik --via: Only show trains serving station after the requseted stop. Also, show the arrival time at station after the departure time at the current stop.


Show version information.


Normally zero. 1 means efa-m was called with invalid options, 2 indicates a request error from Travel::Status::DE::EFA(3pm).





efa-m uses the VRR EFA service by default, which seems to contain the greatest available set of information. However, some cities (e.g. Berlin or parts of Hamburg) are incomplete. efa-m is not yet able to choose the appropriate EFA URL for these by itself, it needs to be done manually with the -u, --efa-url option.


Copyright (C) 2011-2015 by Daniel Friesel <derf@finalrewind.org>


This program is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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