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This Release Treex-PML-2.24  [Download] [Browse 04 Mar 2018
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Special Files


Treex::PML Perl implementation for the Prague Markup Language (PML).     2.24
Treex::PML::Alt an alternative of uniformly typed PML values     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::CSTS I/O backend for PDT 1.0 CSTS documents     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::CSTS::Csts2fs     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::CSTS::Fs2csts     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::FS     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::NTRED Treex::PML I/O backend for exchanging data with remote ntred servers.     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::PML I/O backend for PML documents     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::PMLTransform I/O backend implementing on-the-fly XML to PML conversion     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::Storable I/O backend for data dumps via the Perl Storable module.     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::TEIXML I/O backend for TEI XML files used in Slovene Dependency Treebank     2.24
Treex::PML::Backend::TrXML I/O backend for XML representation of FS files     2.24
Treex::PML::Container content and attributes     2.24
Treex::PML::Document Treex::PML class representing a document consisting of a set of trees.     2.24
Treex::PML::FSFormat Treex::PML class representing the file header of a FS file.     2.24
Treex::PML::Factory a base class for Treex::PML object factories     2.24
Treex::PML::IO I/O support functions used by Treex::PML      
Treex::PML::Instance Perl extension for loading/saving PML data     2.24
Treex::PML::Instance::Common     2.24
Treex::PML::Instance::Reader     2.24
Treex::PML::Instance::Writer     2.24
Treex::PML::List lists of uniformly typed PML values     2.24
Treex::PML::Node Treex::PML class representing a node.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema Perl implements a PML schema.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Alt implements declaration of an alternative (alt).     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Attribute implements declaration of an attribute of a container.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::CDATA implements cdata declaration.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Choice implements declaration of an enumerated type (choice).     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Constant implements constant declaration.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Constants constants used by the Treex::PML::Schema modules     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Container implements declaration of a container.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Copy a class representing copy instructions in a Treex::PML::Schema     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Decl implements PML schema type declaration     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Derive a class representing derive instructions in a Treex::PML::Schema     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Element implements declaration of an element of a sequence.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Import a class representing import instructions in a Treex::PML::Schema     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::List implements declaration of a list.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Member implements declaration of a member of a structure.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Reader an auxiliary class for parsing PML schemas     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Root implements root PML-schema declaration      
Treex::PML::Schema::Seq implements declaration of a sequence.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Struct implements declaration of a structure.     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Template a class representing templates in a Treex::PML::Schema     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::Type implements named type declaration in a PML schema     2.24
Treex::PML::Schema::XMLNode base class for Treex::PML::Schema components     2.24
Treex::PML::Seq sequence of PML values of various types     2.24
Treex::PML::Seq::Element     2.24
Treex::PML::StandardFactory implements standard Treex::PML object factory     2.24
Treex::PML::Struct PML attribute value structure     2.24

Other Files