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wannotate - Show blamelog for snapshot files


wannotate {options} file[@revision] ...


  -h, --host, --server=SERVER     server hostname
  -S, --snapshot=SNAPSHOT         snapshot path to use
  -i, --info=NAME[,NAME]          info prefix for each line

  --tab-size                      tab size for file
  --(no)color                     (don't) use colored output
  --warnings                      print additional warnings

  -?, --help                      show this help
  --man                           show manpage
  --version                       print version information


The wannotate tool can be used to display blamelogs for arbitrary revisions of files inside a SnapshotCM project. Blamelogs are known from various other version control systems, e.g. CVS, Perforce or Subversion. As blamelogs are extremely useful, and SnapshotCM doesn't provide native support for them, this tool fills the gap.


-h, --host, --server hostname

Specify the hostname of the SnapshotCM server. wannotate uses various heuristics to figure out which hostname to use, so you'll rarely have to specify this option.

-S, --snapshot snapshot

Specify the snapshot to display the file from. Inside a mapped directory, this defaults to the mapped snapshot. Also, inside a mapped directoy, the project path is optional, i.e. these calls are equivalent:

  wannotate -S/path/to/my/project/1.2 file
  wannotate -S1.2 file

-i, --info name,name,...

This option allows you to control the information displayed in the prefix of each line. The option can be specified multiple times, which is equivalent to separating the names by commas. Any name that cannot be interpreted will be printed unmodified. If this option is not specified at all, it defaults to:

  --info lineno,:,revision,author,:

The following names can be used:


The current line number.


The login of the author who committed the change that caused this line.


The revision that caused this line.


The date at which this revision was committed.

--tab-size width

The tabulator size used for editing the files. Defaults to 8.


Use or don't use color in the output. The default is chosen depending on your terminal. When piping the colored output into less, you may need to use less -R to display the colors correctly.


Enable printing of additional warnings.


Display blamelog for the file MANIFEST while being inside a mapped directory:

  wannotate MANIFEST

Display blamelog for revision 3 of file README, and only show the author of each line:

  wannotate -i author README@3


Copyright (c) 2004 Marcus Holland-Moritz. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

SnapshotCM is copyright (c) 2000-2003 True Blue Software Company.


See whistory, VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools.

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