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whistory - Show history between snapshots


whistory {options} source-snapshot [target-snapshot]


  -h, --host, --server=SERVER     server hostname
  -x, --exclude=FILE              exclude files named FILE
  -X, --exclude-regexp=PATTERN    exclude files matching PATTERN
  -C, --changelog                 write history in changelog format
  -r, --reverse                   reverse history output

  --(no)color                     (don't) use colored output
  --warnings                      print additional warnings

  -?, --help                      show this help
  --man                           show manpage
  --version                       print version information

Inside a mapped directory target-snapshot is optional. Use '.' for source-snapshot if there's no source snapshot.


The whistory tool can be used to display the history between different snapshots of a SnapshotCM project.


-h, --host, --server hostname

Specify the hostname of the SnapshotCM server. whistory uses various heuristics to figure out which hostname to use, so you'll rarely have to specify this option.

-x, --exclude file

Exclude all files named file. Can be given multiple times.

-X, --exclude-regexp pattern

Exclude all files matchin pattern. Can be given multiple times. Patterns are Perl regular expressions (see perlre).

-C, --changelog

Write output in changelog format. This output is never colored.

-r, --reverse

Write history output in reverse order, i.e. newest changes first.


Use or don't use color in the output. The default is chosen depending on your terminal. When piping the colored output into less, you may need to use less -R to display the colors correctly.


Enable printing of additional warnings.


Display all changes that since snapshot 0.54 while being in a mapped directory:

  whistory 0.54

Display all changes between snapshots 0.40 and 0.42 of project foobar, excluding all files named Makefile:

  whistory -x Makefile /foobar/0.40 0.42

Display all changes since snapshot 0.50, excluding all *.h files and all files matching readme (case insensitive). Use changelog format:

  whistory -X '\.h$' -X '/readme/i' --changelog 0.50

Display all changes made between creating the project and snapshot 0.01:

  whistory - 0.01


Copyright (c) 2004 Marcus Holland-Moritz. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

SnapshotCM is copyright (c) 2000-2003 True Blue Software Company.


See whist, wannotate, VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools.

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