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VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools - Tools for SnapshotCM Version Control


  use VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools;

  $vcs = VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools->new;

  $vcs->configure(server => 'scmsrv.mydomain');

  if ($vcs->exists_snapshot(snapshot => '/my-project/Current')) {
    # ...

  # ... and lots more. Use the Source, Luke!


VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools is a collection of tools to query information from the SnapshotCM version control system.

SnapshotCM is available from

This module is mainly used to implement the functionality required by the tools whistory and wannotate. It lacks documentation as well as lots of possible features. The interface may change in backwards-incompatible ways. Use at your own risk.


new OPTION => VALUE, ...

Create a new VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools object. You may pass the same options as to the configure method.

configure OPTION => VALUE, ...

Configures certain properties of a VCS::SnapshotCM::Tools object.

debug => 0 | 1

Turn debug output on or off.

server => server-hostname

Set a default server hostname.

project => project-name

Set a default project name.


Get workspace mapping information for the current directory.

get_mapping OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get workspace mapping information.

guess_server_hostname OPTION => VALUE, ...

Try to guess the hostname of the SnapshotCM server.

guess_local OPTION => VALUE, ...

Poorly named method that guesses local hostname and snapshot properties.

exists_snapshot OPTION => VALUE, ...

Check if a snapshot exists.

get_snapshots OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get list of snapshots for a project.

get_files OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get list of files for a snapshot.

read_file OPTION => VALUE, ...

Read a certain revision of a file from a snapshot.

open_file OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get an IO::File reference to a certain revision of a file from a snapshot.

read_diff OPTION => VALUE, ...

Read the diff between two revisions of a file.

open_diff OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get an IO::File reference to the diff between two revisions of a file.

get_history OPTION => VALUE, ...

Get history information for a file.

split_snapshot_path PATH

Split a snapshot path into project and snapshot.


Explicitly rebuild the project cache. The project cache is required for splitting snapshot paths correctly.


Copyright (c) 2004 Marcus Holland-Moritz. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

SnapshotCM is copyright (c) 2000-2003 True Blue Software Company.


See whistory, wannotate.

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