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cpan - generate an WAIT index for CPAN


cpan [-clean] [-noclean] [-cpan url or directory] [-database dbname] [-dir directory] [-force] [-noforce] [-keep directory] [-match regexp] [-table table name] [-test level] [-trust_mtime] [-notrust_mtime]




-clean / -noclean

Clean the table befor indexing. Default is off.

-cpan url or directory

Default directory or URL for indexing. If an URL is given, there currently must be a file indices/find-ls.gz relative to it which contains the output of find . -ls | gzip. Default is

-database dbname

Specify database name. Default is DB.

-dir directory

Alternate directory were databases are located. Default is the directory specified during configuration of WAIT.


Force reindexing, even if cpan thinks files are up to date. Default is off

-keep directory

If fetching from a remote server, keep files in directory. Default is /app/unido-i06/src/share/lang/perl/96a/CPAN/sources.

-match regexp

Limit to patches matching regexp. Default is authors/id/.

-table table name

Specify an alternate table name. Default is cpan.

-test level

Set test level, were 0 means normal operation, 1 means, don't really index and 2 means, don't even get archives and examine them.

-trust_mtime / -notrust_mtime

If on, the files mtimes are used to decide, which version of an archive is the newest. If b<off>, the version extracted is used (beware, there are far more version numbering schemes than cpan can parse).


Ulrich Pfeifer <>

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