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WWW::Arbeitsagentur - Search for jobs via

SYNOPSIS # example for using the quick-search module: use WWW::Arbeitsagentur::Search::FastSearchForWork; my $search = WWW::Arbeitsagentur::Search::FastSearchForWork->new( # where to save your files (optional) path => "download/", # search for a normal job (instead of temp/contract work etc.) job_typ => 1, # only save jobs whose postal code matches this regex plz_filter => qr/.+/, # job title beruf => 'Fachinformatiker/in - Anwendungsentwicklung', ); ^

 # how many pages were found?
 my $result = $search->search();

 # Access the results:
 my @pages  = $search->results();


WWW::Arbeitsagentur provides access to the search engine of the federal job agency of Germany. You may search either for jobs or applicants, if you have an account. Search results are collected and may be filtered and stored for offline-use.



Builds up a connection to


0 - an error occurred

1 - success

Dies if attempt to connect fails completely.


After establishing a connection, you can login with your account data, either as an applicant or as a recruiter. Your Perl setup has be SSL-capable, ie. Crypt::SSLeay and (on Windows) the corresponding dlls have to be installed.


0 - an error occurred

1 - success


Logout from the Arbeitsagentur. Otherwise, you will get a warning the next time you log in via the web interface.


0 - an error occurred

1 - success


If you use the search engine on Arbeitsagentur (which is the largest one in Germany for searching jobs or applicants), you may wish to filter certain job offers or applicants permanently, either because you already know them or they are not what you seek. Normally, you will receive the same results if you search again the next day and so you need to step through all the result pages again. WWW::Arbeitsagentur allows you to build a script which searches for jobs/applicants automatically, filtering and displaying results in a more user friendly way than the current web interface of the Arbeitsagentur.

This module is a rewrite of an existing project of mine. The new version will include tests, more documentation and a better interface, as well as an easy way to install via CPAN / Module::Build.


The module stands incomplete, as some parts will have to be rewritten and ported over from So, if you need a working solution _now_, try the SourceForge version.


Ingo Wiarda; E-Mail:


WWW::Arbeitsagentur is written and mantained by Ingo Wiarda. It is based upon "Projekt Arbeit" on, Copyright (C) 2004-2006 by Ingo Wiarda, Stefan Rother

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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