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$search->save_results_detailsuche( $cgi )

Saves the results of the detailed search into the directory stored in the $path attribute if they match the search parameters.

Parameters: $cgi - A CGI object

$cgi keys:


Minimum/maximum age of the applicant.


Postal codes to restrict the search to.

$search->test_plz( $plz_regex )

Tests whether $plz_regex matches one or more postal codes.

Parameters: $plz_regex - A regex matching one or more postal codes.


0 - the regex does not match

1 - successful match

get_plz_list( $locations )

Returns an array of postal codes contained in $locations.

Parameters: $locations - a string containing a list of postal codes

Returns: an array of postal codes.

get_locations( $html )

Returns the locations of a job description.

Parameters: $html - An HTML page containing a job offer or an applicants data obtained from

Returns: a string containing the locations or 0 if there is none.

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