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Akira Horimoto > WWW-Giraffi-API


This Release WWW-Giraffi-API-0.13_01  [Download] [Browse 05 Feb 2012 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Dev. Release WWW-Giraffi-API-0.2_04  [Download] [Browse 10 May 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WWW::Giraffi::API Giraffi API Access Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::AppLog Giraffi API AppLog Method Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Axion Giraffi API Axion Method Axion Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Item Giraffi API Item Method Item Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Log Giraffi API Axion Log Method Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Media Giraffi API Media Method Access Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::MonitoringData Giraffi API MonitoringData Method Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Region Giraffi API Region Method Region Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Request Giraffi API Access Request Base Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Service Giraffi API Service Method Service Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Trend Giraffi API Axion Trend Method Module     0.13_01
WWW::Giraffi::API::Trigger Giraffi API Trigger Method Trigger Module     0.13_01