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WWW::Link::Repair::Mapper - map urls to objects which can fix resources




This module is not yet in use. It is a placeholder and I am not yet convinced that it will be used, but it is likely that eventually I will find reason for it.

Mapper objects know about how to repair aned edit resources pointed to by specific URLS.

They match regular expressions against the given URLs in string format. They then apply a translation function if one is provided to translate that url into a new URL. This is repeated until a non remappable translation is found (if more than a maximum number of translations has been carried out the translation dies to detect problems). Finally they apply the functions registered against the finaly translation and do the appropriate editing.


We need a regexp, optionally followed by a list of functions that can be applied.

convert_to_file edit_file convert_from_file edit_in_place

apply ^

This applies the translation by checking the given url against the

sub apply ($$) {

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