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WWW::Link::Reporter::HTML - Report on status of links in HTML


    use WWW::Link;
    use WWW::Link::Reporter::HTML;

    $link=new WWW::Link;
    #over time do things to the link ......

    $::reporter=new WWW::Link::Reporter::HTML;

or see WWW::Link::Selector for a way to recurse through all of the links.


This class will output information about any link that it is given.

If it's constructor is given an index (CDB_File::BiIndex or BiIndex) then it can use that to generate lists of urls containing links being reported on.

new ^



This function simply prints a heading for a link with the url and text given as arguments.


This takes a list of urls as an argument and generates a unnumbered html list consisting of those urls inside links to those urls. It is for use for refering to pages on which urls occur.

Obviously, if the URLs are file urls, then the machine they are being read on must be the same as the one the file urls refer to.


This method puts out a url inside a link refering to that url. I don't want to encourage this for general use: it's much better to use a description generally. This program, however, deals directly with links so it suits us here.

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