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This Release WWW-Modbot-0.02  [Download] [Browse 10 May 2009
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WWW::Modbot tools to moderate Web-based spam     0.02
WWW::Modbot::Archive models a spam archive for the modbot     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Archive::HTTP implements a spam archive as an HTTP POST URL.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Post tools to moderate Web-based spam     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Ruleset a class for ruleset functionality (calls successive tests and returns a composite score)     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Server models a server for the modbot     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Server::GenericMySQL generic MySQL spam source     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Server::Scoop implementation of a Scoop server     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Server::WebBBS_fs implementation of a WebBBS server through the file system     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Test a convenient module to organize spamminess tests for forum posts.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Test::CountLinks count link-like text in a given field.     0.02
WWW::Modbot::Test::GoogleCount look up an IP on Google to see if it turns up suspiciously often.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Test::KnownUser check a list of known users to see if this one appears there.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Test::RussianChars check for high bits set in characters in a field.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Test::TextPlausibility score a post and field based on some text plausbility metrics.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::User represents a single user in a forum. Since many fora don't formalize identity, the User object does its best in informal situations.     0.01
WWW::Modbot::UserMemory     0.01
WWW::Modbot::Userbase an abstraction of a list of users for a given forum. Since some fora have actual databases of users while others use a sort of quasi-anonymity based on voluntary assumption of an informal identity, th    0.01


WWW::Modbot:UserMemory logic for the assembly of historical information about a given user from a forum, insofar as it's available.  
modbot scans for spam in a given configuration