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WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Import - Part of the interface to www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite

Synopsis ^

See "Synopsis" in WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166.

Description ^

Documents the methods used to populate the SQLite database, www.scraper.wikipedia.iso3166.sqlite, which ships with this distro.

See "Description" in WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166 for a long description.

Distributions ^

This module is available as a Unix-style distro (*.tgz).

See for details.

See for help on unpacking and installing.

Constructor and initialization ^

new(...) returns an object of type WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Import.

This is the class's contructor.

Usage: WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database::Import -> new().

This method takes a hash of options.

Call new() as new(option_1 => value_1, option_2 => value_2, ...).

Available options (these are also methods):

o code2 => $2_letter_code

Specifies the code2 of the country whose subcountry page is to be downloaded.

Methods ^

This module is a sub-class of WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database and consequently inherits its methods.


Report what country code files have not been downloaded, after parsing ISO_3166-1.html. This report is at the 'debug' level.

Also, report if any files are found in the data/ dir whose code does not appear in ISO_3166-1.html. This report is at the 'warning' level'.


Get or set the 2-letter country code of the country or subcountry being processed.

Also, code2 is an option to "new()".


See "Constructor and initialization".


Populate the countries table.


Populate the subcountries table, for 1 subcountry.

Warning. The 2-letter code of the subcountry must be set with $self -> code2('XX') before calling this method.


Populate the subcountries table, for all subcountries.


For the database schema, etc, see "FAQ" in WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166.

References ^

See "References" in WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166.

Support ^

Email the author, or log a bug on RT:

Author ^

WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166 was written by Ron Savage <> in 2012.

Home page:

Copyright ^

Australian copyright (c) 2012 Ron Savage.

        All Programs of mine are 'OSI Certified Open Source Software';
        you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of
        The Artistic License, a copy of which is available at:
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