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WWW::WhoCallsMe - Query for details about a caller's phone number


  use WWW::WhoCallsMe;
  my $who = WWW::WhoCallsMe->new;

  my $number = '6305053008';
  my $calledme = $who->fetch($number);
  if ($calledme->{listed})
    my $name = $calledme->{name};
    print "The number $number is listed.  ";
    print "It seems that $name was calling." if $name;
    print "I don't know who was calling, though." unless $name;
    print "\n";
    print "This number is not listed.\n";

DESCRIPTION ^ is a website that compiles reports from users about companies that call people. These callers might be telemarketers, bill collectors, legit companies, or otherwise. These reports are filed by the person that received the call. In some cases, the report includes the name of the company that called. This module attempts to grab this information and report it back to your program.

You supply the phone number and it tells you if the number is listed, what names have been reported for this number, and a guess at the company name of the caller.


  my $who = WWW::WhoCallsMe->new;

Accepts no parameters.

Returns a new WWW::WhoCallsMe object for your enjoyment.


  my $hashref = $who->fetch($number);

Accepts one required argument: the phone number.

Returns a hashref containing this information:





I have no plans to expand this module, but I welcome any wishlist requests. If you can think of something reasonable to add to this module, I'll consider doing it. I also accept patches from others.


Report all bugs through CPAN's bug reporting tool. Feel free to file wishlist requests there as well.


All data that is provided by this module is provided by They probably own the copyright to all of the data. Their site doesn't appear to specify any kind of copyright or licensing information. Be reasonable with it. I'll leave it up to you to interpret what they think is okay for you to do with their data.

The (short amount of) code in this module is (C) Dusty Wilson, but no real rights are reserved. Feel free to use it as you see fit, as long as it doesn't get me in trouble. ;-)

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