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This Release WebService-MyGengo-0.012  [Download] [Browse 17 Jan 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WebService::MyGengo A library for interacting with the myGengo API     0.011
WebService::MyGengo::Account An Account in the myGengo system.      
WebService::MyGengo::Base Generic base class for all objects in the WebService::MyGengo namespace      
WebService::MyGengo::Client Client for interacting with the myGengo API      
WebService::MyGengo::Comment A Comment in the myGengo system.      
WebService::MyGengo::Exception Exception class for the WebService::MyGengo library.      
WebService::MyGengo::Feedback A Feedback entry in the myGengo system.      
WebService::MyGengo::Job A translation Job in the myGengo system.      
WebService::MyGengo::Language An object representing a translatable language in the myGengo system      
WebService::MyGengo::LanguagePair An object representing a Src -> Dst translation language pair in the myGengo system      
WebService::MyGengo::RequestFactory A factory for creating myGengo API requests      
WebService::MyGengo::Response An response from the myGengo API      
WebService::MyGengo::Revision A Revision in the myGengo system.      

Other Files