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This Release Win32-GUI-1.14  [Download] [Browse 01 Jun 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Win32::GUI Perl Win32 Graphical User Interface Extension     1.14
Win32::GUI::AxWindow Host ActiveX Controls in Win32::GUI windows     0.09
Win32::GUI::BitmapInline Inline bitmap support for Win32::GUI     0.03
Win32::GUI::Constants exporter for Win32 API constants     0.04
Win32::GUI::Constants::Tags export :tag definitions for Win32::GUI::Constants      
Win32::GUI::DIBitmap add new reading/writing image formats to Win32::GUI and some image manipulation.     0.17
Win32::GUI::DropFiles Extension to Win32::GUI for shell Drag&Drop integration     0.02
Win32::GUI::Grid add a grid control to Win32::GUI.     0.08
Win32::GUI::GridLayout Grid layout support for Win32::GUI     0.06
Win32::GUI::Scintilla::Perl Scintilla control with Perl awareness.     0.02


Win32::GUI::AcceleratorTable Create accelerator table resources  
Win32::GUI::Animation Create and manipulate animation controls  
Win32::GUI::Bitmap Create bitmap resources  
Win32::GUI::Brush Create and manipulate drawing Brush resources  
Win32::GUI::Button Create and manipulate button controls  
Win32::GUI::Checkbox Create and manipulate checkbox controls  
Win32::GUI::Class Create Window classes  
Win32::GUI::Combobox Create and manipulate combobox controls  
Win32::GUI::ComboboxEx Create and manipulate extended combobox controls  
Win32::GUI::Cursor Create cursor resources  
Win32::GUI::DC Work with a Window's DC (Drawing Context)  
Win32::GUI::DateTime Create and manipulate datetime controls  
Win32::GUI::DialogBox Create and manipulate Windows  
Win32::GUI::Font Create font resources  
Win32::GUI::Graphic Create and manipulate Graphic Windows  
Win32::GUI::Groupbox Create and manipulate groupbox controls  
Win32::GUI::Header Create and manipulate list header controls  
Win32::GUI::Icon Create Icon resources  
Win32::GUI::ImageList Create and manipulate imagelist resources  
Win32::GUI::Label Create and manipulate label controls  
Win32::GUI::ListView Create and manipulate listview controls  
Win32::GUI::ListView::Item Create and manipulate listview entries  
Win32::GUI::ListView::SubItem Create and manipulate listview entries  
Win32::GUI::Listbox Create and manipulate listbox controls  
Win32::GUI::Listbox::Item Create and manipulate listbox entries  
Win32::GUI::MDIChild Create and manipulate MDI Windows  
Win32::GUI::MDIClient Create and manipulate MDI Windows  
Win32::GUI::MDIFrame Create and manipulate MDI Windows  
Win32::GUI::Menu Create and manipulate menu resources  
Win32::GUI::MenuButton Create and manipulate menu entries  
Win32::GUI::MenuItem Create and manipulate menu entries  
Win32::GUI::MonthCal Create and manipulate MonthCal controls  
Win32::GUI::NotifyIcon Create and manipulate icons and tooltips in the system tray  
Win32::GUI::Pen Create and manipulate drawing Pen resources  
Win32::GUI::ProgressBar Create and manipulate progress bar controls  
Win32::GUI::RadioButton Create and manipulate radio button controls  
Win32::GUI::Rebar Create and manipulate Rebar (aka Coolbar) controls  
Win32::GUI::Reference::Events Common Events  
Win32::GUI::Reference::Methods Common Methods  
Win32::GUI::Reference::Options Common Options  
Win32::GUI::Reference::Packages List of Win32::GUI packages.  
Win32::GUI::Region A Win32::GUI package  
Win32::GUI::RichEdit Create and manipulate Richedit controls.  
Win32::GUI::Scintilla Add Scintilla edit control to Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::Slider Create and manipulate slider controls  
Win32::GUI::Splitter Create and manipulate window splitter controls  
Win32::GUI::StatusBar Create and manipulate status bar controls  
Win32::GUI::TabStrip Create and manipulate tab strip controls  
Win32::GUI::Textfield Create and manipulate textfield controls  
Win32::GUI::Timer Create and manipulate periodic Timer events  
Win32::GUI::Toolbar Create and manipulate toolbar controls  
Win32::GUI::Tooltip Create and manipulate Tooltip controls  
Win32::GUI::Trackbar A Win32::GUI package  
Win32::GUI::TreeView Create and manipulate treeview controls  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial An introduction to programming Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part1 Our first Win32::GUI Program  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part2 Adding Functionality  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part3 Dialog Boxes and Main Windows  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part4 Further Features of Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part5 More than one Window  
Win32::GUI::Tutorial::Part9 Some peripheral issues  
Win32::GUI::UpDown Create and manipulate up-down controls  
Win32::GUI::UserGuide::Concepts General Concepts  
Win32::GUI::UserGuide::Contributors Contributors to Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::UserGuide::FAQ Frequently asked questions about Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::UserGuide::Introduction Introduction to Win32::GUI  
Win32::GUI::UserGuide::Readme Perl-Win32 Graphical User Interface Extension README  
Win32::GUI::Window Create and manipulate Windows  
win32-gui-demos Perl Win32::GUI Demo Launcher application