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Version 0.26


    PAR assistant for packaging Wx applications on MSWin and Linux
    run 'wxpar' exactly as you would run pp.
    e.g.  wxpar --gui --icon=myicon.ico -o myprog.exe

    At the start of your script ...
    use Wx::Perl::Packager;
    use Wx;
    or if you use threads with your application
    use threads;
    use threads::shared;
    use Wx::Perl::Packager;
    use Wx
    Wx::Perl::Packager must be loaded before any part of Wx so should appear at the
    top of your main script. If you load any part of Wx in a BEGIN block, then you
    must load Wx::Perl::Packager before it in your first BEGIN block. This may cause
    you problems if you use threads within your Wx application. The threads
    documentation advises against loading threads in a BEGIN block - so don't do it.
    wxpar will accept a single named argument that allows you to define how the
    wxWidgets libraries are named on GTK.
    wxpar ordinarily packages the libraries as
    This will always work if using Wx::Perl::Packager.
    However, it maybe that you don't want to use Wx::Perl::Packager, in which case
    you need the correct extension. For most installations the default '.0' IS the
    correct extension - so in most cases you need do nothing.
    If, however, you receive errors that suggest, for example, that could not be found, you want librararies packaged as so pass two arguments to wxpar as
    wxpar wxextension .5
    If you want , for example
    wxpar wxextension .0.6.0
    which would mean a full line something like
    wxpar wxextension .0.6.0 -o myprog.exe
    NOTE: the arguments must be FIRST and WILL BREAK Wx::Perl::Packager (which should
    not be needed in this case as all libraries should be on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
    named so that your par binary finds them).
    OF COURSE - the symlinks must actually exist. :-) - That is, if you pass
    wxpar wxextension .0.6.0 -o myprog.exe
    then etc. must be real files or symlinks on your
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