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Source  [pod] Read .Xauthority files
Changes List of changes from previous versions  [pod] Names of keysyms (like keysymdef.h)
MANIFEST List of files
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
Makefile.PL Source for Makefile  [pod] The X11 Window System Protocol
Protocol/  [pod] Base class for connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] Base class for FileHandle connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] TCP/IP FileHandle connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] TCP/IP IO::Socket connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] Base class for IO:Socket connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] Unix-domain FileHandle connections
Protocol/Connection/  [pod] Unix-domain IO::Socket connections
Protocol/ X11 Protocol symbolic constants
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] BIG-REQUESTS extension
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] SHAPE extension
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] XC-MISC (resource ID) extension
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] Display Power Management extension
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] XFree86 miscellaneous extension
Protocol/Ext/  [pod] X Render extension
README The Instructions
Todo The Wishlist
eg/ Animated example
eg/ Exhaustive test of et al.
eg/ A long-running example
eg/ Two-display example
eg/ Error recovering example
eg/ Render extension clock example
eg/ Exhaustive Render extension test
eg/ User interface widget example
eg/ X11-Motif version of widget example
eg/ Unfinished OO-interface widget example
eg/widgets.c C Xlib version of widget example
eg/ Window hierarchy utility example Short test of et al.