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YAPC::Venue - Venue requirements for YAPC


Facilities, Catering, Accommodation, Equipment, Transportation


Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) is an inexpensive, grassroots conference on the Perl programming language aimed at beginners and experts alike, organized by Yet Another Society, Inc., a non-profit corporation. It traditionally lasts three days, with the first day being comprised largely of tutorials, and the latter two of workshops and seminars.

This document describes the general venue requirements for a Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) in some detail. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to propose to host YAPC, contact Kevin Lenzo at the Yet Another Society, <>.

Five major topic areas (facilities, catering, accommodation, equipment, and transportation) are addressed in turn.

Facilities ^

All facilities should be accessible by disabled persons, and held in controlled temperature environments (air-conditioned or heated as needed).

Catering ^

Catering services. Breakfast, snacks, and a light lunch for three days, plus one evening reception and one sit-down dinner. About 25% of attendees will be vegetarian and 5% vegan; some may require lactose-free or low-carbohydrate meals. While not all meals may be provided, the resources must be available; the amount of catering is influenced by the amount of sponsorship.

Accommodation ^

Nearby commercial hotels, restaurants, and social venues must be available.

Inexpensive dormitory-style accommodations for approximately half the assembly is desirable. If the facility does not offer accommodation, some nearby inexpensive accommodations, such as hostels and campgrounds, should be identified. Ethernet (wired or wireless) capabilities, and telephones, are desirable but not required, as are linens and towels.

Equipment ^

Transportation ^

Nearby access to an Airport, preferably a large one. Parking facilities or arrangements, as appropriate. How to arrive by public transport and taxi from the airport, or other major points.


Kevin A. Lenzo <>.

Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Yet Another Society. Free use and redistribution of this document is encouraged under the same terms as Perl itself. Original venue requirements document by Rich Lafferty.


YAPC, perl(1).

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