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Module Version: v0.15.1   Source  


Backwardly incompatible changes to the Konsole API between 4.4 and 4.8.4 broke this application ( A patch has been applied but it's gross

Name ^

Yakuake::Sessions - Session Manager for the Yakuake Terminal Emulator

Version ^

This documents version v0.15.$Rev: 1 $ of Yakuake::Sessions

Synopsis ^

   # To reduce typing define some shell aliases
   alias ys='yakuake_session'

   # Create some Yakuake sessions. Set each session to a different directory.
   # Run some commands in some of the sessions like an HTTP web development
   # server or tail -f on a log file. Set the tab titles for each session.
   # Now create a profile called dev
   ys create dev

   # Subsequently reload the dev profile
   ys load dev

   # Show the contents of the dev profile
   ys show dev

   # Edit the contents of the dev profile
   ys edit dev

   # Delete the dev profile
   ys delete dev

   # Command line help
   ys -? | -H | -h [sub-command] | list_methods | dump_self

Description ^

Create, edit, load session profiles for the Yakuake Terminal Emulator. Sets and manages the tab title text

Configuration and Environment ^

Reads configuration from ~/.yakuakue_sessions/yakuake_session.json which might look like;

      "doc_title": "Perl",
      "tab_title": "Oo.!.oO"

See the config class for the full list of configuration attributes

Defines the following list of attributes which can be set from the command line;


Directory containing the configuration files. Defaults to ~/.yakuake_sessions


The editor used to edit profiles. Can be set from the configuration file. Defaults to the environment variable EDITOR or if unset emacs


Overwrite the output file if it already exists


Directory to store the session profiles in


File format used to store session data. Defaults to the config class value; JSON

Modifies these methods in the base class


Subroutines/Methods ^


   yakuake_session create <profile_name>

Creates a new session profile in the profile_dir. Calls "dump"


   yakuake_session delete <profile_name>

Deletes the specified session profile


   yakuake_session dump <path>

Dumps the current sessions to file. For each tab it captures the current working directory, the command being executed, the tab title text, and which tab is currently active


   yakuake_session edit <profile_name>

Edit a session profile


   yakuake_session list

List the session profiles stored in the profile_dir


   yakuake_session load <profile_name>

Load the specified profile, recreating the tabs with their title text, current working directories and executing commands


   yakuakge_session select

Select the profile to load from the displayed list


   yakuake_session set_tab_title <title_text>

Sets the current tabs title text to the specified value. Defaults to the vale supplied in the configuration


   yakuake_session set_tab_title_for_project <title_text>

Set the current tabs title text to the specified value. Must supply a title text. Will save the project name for use by yakuake_session_tt_cd


   yakuake_session show <profile_name>

Display the contents of the specified session profile

Diagnostics ^

Turning on debug, add -D to the command line, causes the session dump and load subroutines to display the session tabs data

The list_methods command lists all of the callable the methods and their abstracts

Dependencies ^


Incompatibilities ^


Bugs and Limitations ^

It is necessary to edit new session profiles and manually escape the shell meta characters embeded in the executing commands

There are no known bugs in this module.Please report problems to Source code is on Github git:// Patches and pull requests are welcome

Acknowledgements ^

Larry Wall - For the Perl programming language

Author ^

Peter Flanigan, <>

License and Copyright ^

Copyright (c) 2014 Peter Flanigan. All rights reserved

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

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