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This Release Zoidberg-0.981  [Download] [Browse 09 Jan 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bundle::Zoidberg A bundle to install the zoidberg shell     0.1
Zoidberg A modular perl shell     0.981
Zoidberg::Contractor Module to manage jobs     0.981
Zoidberg::DispatchTable Class to tie dispatch tables     0.981
Zoidberg::Eval     0.981
Zoidberg::Fish Base class for loadable Zoidberg plugins     0.981
Zoidberg::Fish::Commands Zoidberg plugin with builtin commands     0.981
Zoidberg::Fish::Intel Completion plugin for Zoidberg     0.981
Zoidberg::Fish::Log History and log plugin for Zoidberg     0.981
Zoidberg::Fish::ReadLine Readline glue for zoid     0.981
Zoidberg::Job     0.981
Zoidberg::Job::builtin     0.981
Zoidberg::PluginHash Magic plugin loader     0.981
Zoidberg::SettingsHash     0.981
Zoidberg::Shell A scripting interface to the Zoidberg shell     0.981
Zoidberg::Shell::JobsArray     0.981
Zoidberg::StringParser Simple string parser     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils An interface to zoid's utility libs     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils::Error OO error handling     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils::FileSystem Filesystem routines     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils::GetOpt Yet another GetOpt module     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils::Output Zoidberg output routines     0.981
Zoidberg::Utils::Output::Scalar     0.981

Documentation example shell plugin example shell application example source script  
zoid a modular perl shell  
zoidbuiltins Zoidberg's builtins  
zoiddevel Development documentation for zoid  
zoidfaq Frequently Asked Questions about Zoidberg  
zoiduser Extended user documentation for zoid