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This Release Zonemaster-Engine-v2.0.6  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2018
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
Special Files


Zonemaster::Engine A tool to check the quality of a DNS zone     v2.0.6
Zonemaster::Engine::ASNLookup do lookups of ASNs for IP addresses     v1.0.4
Zonemaster::Engine::Config configuration access module for Zonemaster::Engine     v1.0.6
Zonemaster::Engine::Constants module holding constants used in test modules     v1.2.2
Zonemaster::Engine::DNSName class representing DNS names     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Exception base class for Zonemaster::Engine exceptions     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Logger class that holds Zonemaster::Engine::Logger::Entry objects.     v1.0.5
Zonemaster::Engine::Logger::Entry module for single log entries     v1.1.4
Zonemaster::Engine::NSArray Class implementing arrays that lazily looks up name server addresses from their names     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Nameserver object representing a DNS nameserver     v1.1.5
Zonemaster::Engine::Nameserver::Cache shared caches for nameserver objects     v1.0.4
Zonemaster::Engine::Net::IP Net::IP/Net::IP::XS Wrapper (STILL EXPERIMENTAL)     v0.0.6
Zonemaster::Engine::Packet wrapping object for Zonemaster::LDNS::Packet objects     v1.0.4
Zonemaster::Engine::Recursor recursive resolver for Zonemaster     v1.0.10
Zonemaster::Engine::Test module to find, load and execute all test modules     v1.1.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Address module implementing tests focused on the Address specific test cases of the DNS tests     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Basic module implementing test for very basic domain functionality     v1.0.7
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Connectivity module implementing tests of nameservers reachability     v1.0.8
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Consistency Consistency module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules     v1.1.2
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::DNSSEC dnssec module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules     v1.0.7
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Delegation Tests regarding delegation details     v1.0.8
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Example example module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Nameserver module implementing tests of the properties of a name server     v1.0.12
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Syntax test validating the syntax of host names and other data     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Test::Zone module implementing tests of the zone content in DNS, such as SOA and MX records     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::TestMethods Methods common to Test Specification used in test modules     v1.0.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Translator translation support for Zonemaster     v1.0.7
Zonemaster::Engine::Util utility functions for other Zonemaster modules     v1.1.3
Zonemaster::Engine::Zone Object representing a DNS zone     v1.1.6


Zonemaster::Engine::Overview The Zonemaster Test Engine  

Other Files