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This Release cPanel-TaskQueue-0.850  [Download] [Browse 18 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


cPanel::StateFile Standardize the handling of file-based state data.     0.850
cPanel::StateFile::FileLocker Lock and unlock files using flock.     0.850
cPanel::TQSerializer::Storable Store TaskQueue state in a Storable file     0.850
cPanel::TQSerializer::YAML Store TaskQueue state in a YAML file     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue FIFO queue of tasks to perform     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::ChildProcessor Processes an individual task from the cPanel::TaskQueue in a child process.     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::Ctrl A text-based interface for controlling a TaskQueue     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::PluginManager Supplies support for loading the Queue task processing plugins.     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::Processor Processes an individual task from the cPanel::TaskQueue.     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::Scheduler Priority queue of Tasks to Queue at some time in the future.     0.850
cPanel::TaskQueue::Task Objects representing the task concept.     0.850


cPanel::TaskQueue::Cookbook some tasty uses of the cPanel::TaskQueue modules.  
taskqueuectl Simple program for querying and manipulating a cPanel::TaskQueue  
taskqueued Simple daemon for processing a cPanel::TaskQueue.