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README Acknowledgements, installation notes
MANIFEST This shipping list
Configure Portability tool.
Makefile.SH Control file for Unix make program
Makefile.salz Original Makefile from Rich Salz
config.3b1 Configuration for 3B1 machine
config.5r3 Configuration for System V rel 3.1 and 3.2
config.bsd Configuration for BSD/Ultrix/Sun
config.dos Configuration for MS-DOS (Microsoft C5.1)
config.hpx Configuration for HP-UX 9000/300 9000/500
config.vms Configuration for VMS
config.x38 Configuration for Xenix on a 386
config_h.SH Produces config.h
confmagic.h Magic symbol remapping
dirami.c A partial Amiga readdir package
dirami.h An <ndir.h> file for the Amiga
dirmsd.c An MS-DOS readdir package
dirmsd.h An <ndir.h> file for MS-DOS
dirvms.c A VMS readdir package
dirvms.h An <ndir.h> file for VMS
dodoc.sh Create formatted manpages
findsrc.c Find source files, based on filename
findsrc.man Manual page for findsrc
glue.c Glue that so unshar uses my /bin/sh parser
lcwd.c Routines to find current directory
lexec.c Fork, exec, system, signal, etc., routines
lfiles.c File size and type routines
lhost.c Find our machine name
llib.c Stuff that should be in your C library
lmem.c Memory allocator, uses calloc
luser.c Get user's name
makekit.c Partition files into reasonable-sized kits
makekit.man Manual page for makekit
manipull.c Pull entries from a manifest
manipull.man Manual page for manipull
maniscan.c Scan manifests for big or binary files
maniscan.man Manual page for maniscan
parser.c Interpreter for shell archives
parser.h Header file for archive interpreter
patchlevel.h Current patch level
patchlog.h Mistake recorder
ramconf.h For those who use Configure
shar.c Create script to create files
shar.h Header file, used by everyone
shar.man Manual page for makekit
shell.c Main routine for my shell interpreter
shell.man Manual page for shell
unshar.c Strip news, notes, mail headers from shar's
unshar.man Manual page for unshar
uudecode.c Printable->binary converter
uudecode.man Manual page for uudecode
uuencode.c Binary->printable converter
uuencode.man Manual page for uuencode
uuenmain.c Driver for uuencode program
wildmat.c Shell wildcard pattern matcher