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dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Format - book format notes

Aside ^

This is a bit rough.

Book Properties ^ - anything, but overridden by user


The only attributes in pkg:package are id, serial, and revision.

  <pkg:package id="xF0D8058ADB3911DB8F2B386E7806B258" serial="95" rev="2.0">


    <author>The Author</author>

Null properties in xml are an error.

About the properties


The book id is unique to a particular "idea container". E.g. you might have multiple languages and/or editions of a book with the same id.

The id must be uri-safe. That is, no character other than letters and numbers.

For best results, use an id created from an md5 hash as follows:

  use Digest::MD5 ();

  my $domain = '';
  my $title  = 'The Title of Your Book';
  my $author = 'A.U. Thor';
  my $id = 'x' . Digest::MD5::md5_hex(join('_', $domain, $title, $author));

The serial number corresponds to a particular "printing" of your book. This might be a particular translation of a particular edition or whatever.

Two copies of a book with matching id+serial numbers are assumed to have identical content. Annotations and links apply to a given book id, but a different serial number tells us that they might not directly line-up in another edition/translation/etc.

If you're looking to identify a particular copy of a book (e.g. personalized to the user or whatever), this is probably not the attribute you're looking for.

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