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japerl - JPerl-again Perl glocalization scripting environment


  japerl [switches] [--] [] [arguments]


japerl provides glocalization script environment on both modern Perl and traditional Perl by using Sjis software family.

This software is useful also for

We can get "JPerl" on perl using Sjis software family, japerl.bat, Modern::Open, Fake::Encode, and Fake::Our! Yay!!

Today, we can also use Char and

May you do good magic with japerl.


1. Install a member of Sjis software family.
2. Copy japerl.bat and japerl.bat.conf to any directory.
3. Customize japerl.bat.conf.

japerl.bat.conf Sample on perl 5.00503 ^

  # Configuration file of japerl.bat
      PERL5BIN => 'C:/Perl/bin/perl.exe',
      PERL5LIB => [ qw(lib) ],
      ENCODING => 'Sjis',
      PERL5OPT => '-MModern::Open', # for perl 5.00503, see
      PERL5OPT => '-MFake::Encode', #                   see
  #   PERL5OPT => '-MFake::Our',    #                   see

japerl.bat.conf Sample ^

  # Configuration file of japerl.bat on other version
      PERL5BIN => 'C:/Perl524/bin/perl.exe', # perl 5.024
      PERL5LIB => [ qw(lib) ],
      ENCODING => 'Sjis',
  #   ENCODING => do { require FindBin; require "$FindBin::Bin/"; Char::from_chcp_lang(); }, # autodetect sample

File Allocation Sample ^

  ./lib/Modern/   --- on perl 5.00503
  ./lib/Fake/   --- on perl 5.00503
  ./lib/Fake/      --- on perl 5.00503
  ./lib/          --- on demand
  ./lib/Stable/ --- on demand
  ./lib/        --- on demand

User Script Sample ^

  use Stable::Module;
  require '';
  $::VERSION = 0.01;
  print "Hello, parallel worlds!\n";


I have tested and verified this software using the best of my ability. However, a software containing much regular expression is bound to contain some bugs. Thus, if you happen to find a bug that's in Sjis software and not your own program, you can try to reduce it to a minimal test case and then report it to the following author's address. If you have an idea that could make this a more useful tool, please let everyone share it.


INABA Hitoshi <> in a CPAN

This project was originated by INABA Hitoshi.


This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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