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MANIFEST This shipping list
Configure Portability tool
Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
Makefile.SH Main makefile
badtar/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
badtar/Makefile.SH Makefile for badtar
badtar/README Informations on badtar
badtar/badtar.SH Manual page for badtar
badtar/badtar.c A program to repair damaged tar files
btoa/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
btoa/Makefile.SH Makefile for btoa and al.
btoa/atob.c For ascii to binary decoding
btoa/btoa.c For binary to ascii encoding
btoa/hexdecode.c Hex-decoding
btoa/hexencode.c Hex-encoding
config.h.SH Produces config.h
des/Makefile.SH Makefile for des
des/README Informations on des
des/des.1 Manual page for des(1)
des/des.3 Description of the des functions
des/des.c Software DES functions from Phil Karn
des/descert.c Cerifies the des(1) command
des/getopt.c Public domain implementaion of getopt()
des/getpass.c Reads a key from the terminal
des/main.c Main file for des
des/misc.c Implementations of memset() and memcpy()
des/testdata A set of tests to certify the des
install.SH BSD-like installation script
kit/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
kit/Makefile.SH Makefile for scripts
kit/lib/compressors Default system-wide compressor list
kit/lib/getproc.SH Extract compress program from table
kit/lib/getopt.SH Option parsing library
kit/kit.SH The main script-shell
kit/mailkit.SH Mails parts generated by "kit"
kit/lib/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
kit/lib/Makefile.SH Make driver for kit library installation
kit/lib/minikit.SH The minikit script for kit extraction
kit/lib/range.SH Run range expansion within specified bound
kit/lib/secure Alien code detector for kit archives
kit/unkit.SH Reversal of "kit"
man/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
man/Makefile.SH Makefile for manual pages
man/atob.SH Manual page for "atob"
man/btoa.SH Manual page for atob/btoa
man/kit.SH The manual page for "kit"
man/mailkit.SH The manual page for "mailkit"
man/unkit.SH The manual page for "unkit"
patchlevel.h Current patch level value
shar/Jmakefile Template for Makefile.SH
shar/Makefile.SH Makefile for shar
shar/README Purpose of the shar scripts
shar/makeshar.SH Builds a set of shar files
shar/rshar.SH A simple shar program
config_h.SH Produces config.h
confmagic.h Magic symbol remapping