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mod_perl 2.0 renaming

Description ^

This document discusses the effects of the decision to rename parts of the mod_perl API.

Synopsis ^

During a sequence of release candidates leading up to the official release of mod_perl 2, in late December, 2004 there was considerable discussion regarding the choice of namespaces for the 2.0 API. The main concern expressed was that some of the Apache::* modules used in mod_perl 2 had the same names as those in mod_perl 1. After a lively and, at times, heated debate, a proposal was made to rename parts of the mod_perl 2 API - see the thread at This proposal was subsequently voted on and then adopted.

Changes ^

The main changes involved in this renaming are as follows.

Concurrent with these changes, a decision was also made to refuse to install mod_perl 2 in the same Perl tree as any installed mod_perl 2 package of version prior to 1.999_22.

Effects ^

The mod_perl developers did not take lightly the effects of changing the API at such a late stage in the development cycle. For most users the change to the new API should be relatively straightforward:

Beginning with mod_perl-1.999_22, an environment variable $ENV{MOD_PERL_API_VERSION} has been added to specify which mod_perl version is being used.

See Also ^

The directions for installing mod_perl 2.0 . Help is also available through the archives of and subscribing to the mod_perl mailing list.

Authors ^

The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors.

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