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News::Article::Cancel - a module to generate accurate cancel messages


  use News::Article::Cancel;
  my $article = new News::Article::Cancel(\*STDIN);
  next if $article->verify_resurrected($GROUP);

  my $from    = $article->header('from') || "";
  my $subject = $article->header('subject') || "";
  my $xauth   = $article->header('x-auth') || "";
  my $mid     = $article->header('message-id') || "";
  my $cancel = $article->make_cancel( $NAME, "moder",
                "From: $from", "Subject: $subject", "Message-ID: $mid",
                "X-Auth: $xauth");


Creates a cancel message based on a Usenet article, which may be posted normally to delete a message. Also adds a verification for reposted messages in moderated newsgroups.


use News::Article::Cancel;

News::Article::Cancel is class that inherits News::Article and adds two new functions: make_cancel() and verify_resurrected().

Article Methods

make_cancel ( CANCELLER TYPE [TEXT] )

Creates a cancel message based on the current article and the given TYPE. CANCELLER is the email address of the poster, and is required; TEXT is an array of lines which will be appended to cancel message's body. TYPE determines several characteristics of the cancel message, and must be one of the following (not case sensitive):

- spam - Spam, EMP, or ECP cancel.

- spew - Spew cancel.

- aup - Cancel by poster's service provider.

- personal - Original article posted by user.

- mmf - Make.Money.Fast cancel.

- binary - Binary in a non-binary group.

- moderator - Cancel by group moderator.

- retromod - Cancel by group retromoderator.

- forgery - Forged article.

- request - Cancel by poster's request.

make_cancel returns a News::Article object if successful, or an error message if not.

verify_resurrected ( GROUP )

Does the same thing as verify_pgpmoose(), but reformats the message for a message reposted by Dave the Resurrector.


Standard article manipulation information can be read in the News::Article manpages.

Cancel messages are not toys. Before using this module, all users should have a good idea of how cancels work, what they are used for, and what the results of their actions may be. This information can be found in the Cancel Messages FAQ, posted monthly to news.answers and available on the web at <URL:>.


Make sure I've got all of the different cancel types taken care of.


pgpmoose, at


Written by Tim Skirvin <>, based on a shell script by Chris Lewis <>.


Copyright 2000-2004 by Tim Skirvin <>. This code may be redistributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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