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o2sms ^

o2sms - A perl script to send SMS messages using .ie websites.


o2sms is a script to send SMS messages via the command line using the websites of Irish mobile operators. This is done by simulating a web browser's interaction with those websites. This script requires a valid web account with O2 Ireland, Vodafone Ireland or Meteor Ireland.

The author accepts no responsibility nor liability for your use of this software. Please read the terms and conditions of the website of your mobile provider before using the program.


  o2sms [options] <number|alias|group> [<number|alias|group> ...]

  The message will be read from standard input; either pipe some text
  or type the message, ending with CTRL-d or the . character on a line
  by itself.


-u, --username=STRING

Use this username (defaults to unix username)

-p, --password=STRING

Use this password (it omitted, will prompt for password)

-c, --config-file=FILE

Use this configuration file (defaults to ~/.o2sms/config)


Use this dir for cookie files, state files and log files. (defaults to ~/.o2sms/)

-r, --reuse-cookies

Reuse cookies if possible (the default)

-s, --split-messages

Allow message to be split in multiple SMSs (the default)

-k, --hard-split

Allow message to be split in the middle of a word

-z, --squeeze-text

Squeezes text (e.g. mak txt msg as smal as psble)

-t9, --emulate-t9

Emulate t9 behaviour

-P, --http-proxy=URL

Use this HTTP proxy (defaults to the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, if present)


Use this HTTPS proxy (defaults to the HTTP proxy or HTTPS_PROXY environment variable, if present)

-s, --sig=STRING

Append this text to every message

-C, --carrier=NAME

Force the carrier to be this ("o2", "vodafone", "meteor" or "three" (or "aft"))

-m, --message=STRING

Don't wait for STDIN, send this message

-h, --history

Keep a history file (in ~/.o2sms/history)


Embedded mode, don't prompt for anything.

-h, --help

Prints this help message and exits

-d, --debug

Debug mode (use twice for more verbose output)


Print version and exit


Configuration is in the file ~/.o2sms/config (or ~/.vodasms/config or ~/.meteorsms/config or ~/.threesms/config) (or ~/.aftsms/config) or can be overwritten with the -c / --config-file command line option.

Values in this file are stored as one per line and take the same name and format as their command line equivalents.

The one exception to this is the 'alias' setting, which defines a named alias for one number (a straight alias) or more than one number (a group).

Configuration file example:

  username frankc
  password mong0l0id
  alias mammy +353865551234
  alias beerpeople +353865550000 +353865550001 +353865550002
  # a comment


WWW::SMS::IE::iesms, WWW::SMS::IE::o2sms, WWW::SMS::IE::vodasms, WWW::SMS::IE::threesms, WWW::SMS::IE::aftsms, WWW::SMS::IE::meteorsms


David McNamara ( et al


Copyright 2000-2006 David McNamara

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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