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Vulcan::Cruft - Rotate log files and keep directories clean of cruft.


 use Vulcan::Cruft;

 my $cruft = Vulcan::Cruft->new( @logdir, @logfile );

 my %cut = $cruft->cut( size => '10MB', block => '8K' );

 unlink $cruft->cruft
    count => 20,
    regex => qr/^foobar/,
    size => '100MB',
    age => '10days',


cruft( %param )

Purge files according to %param. Returns a list of 'cruft'.

 regex: pattern of file name.
 count: number of files to keep.
 size: total file size.
 age: age of file.
 remove: remove cruft.

cut( %param )

Rotate files according to %param. Returns a hash of results.

 size: max size of each segment.
 block: block size ( per cut ).
 count: number of files to keep.

convert( $type, $expr )

Convert an $expr of $type to a number of base units. $type can be

time: base unit 1 second, units can be

 s[econd] m[inutea h[our] d[ay] w[eek]

size: base unit 1 byte, units can be B K M G T P E Z Y

An expression may consist of multiple units, e.g.

 '2h,3m,20s' or '2MB 10K'
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