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This Release pmtools_1.00.orig  [Download] [Browse 07 Jan 2006
Latest Release pmtools-2.2.0  [Download] [Browse 15 Mar 2018
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Devel::Loaded Post-execution dump of loaded modules    1


basepods print out pod paths for the standard perl manpages 
faqpods print out pod paths for the standard perl faqs 
modpods print out paths for the standard modules 
pfgrep grep out function definitions from perlfunc 
plxload show what files a perl program loads at compile time 
pmall show all installed versions and descs 
pman show a module's man page 
pmcat page through a module file 
pmdesc print out version and whatis description of perl modules 
pmdirs print out module directories 
pmeth show a Perl class's methods 
pmexp show a module's exports 
pmfunc cat out a function from a module 
pminst find modules whose names match this pattern 
pmload show what files a given module loads at compile time 
pmls long list the module path 
pmpath show full path to a perl module 
pmvers print out a module's version 
podgrep grep in pod sections only 
podpath print the path to the pod 
pods print out all pod paths 
podtoc show outline of pods 
sitepods print out the paths to the modules that this site added 
stdpods print out the paths to the modules that came with Perl