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CLASS Name: POP::POX_parser Desc: Class implementing a parser for POX files (Persistent Object {eXoskeleton,eXchange,XML}) POX is a markup language conforming to the XML specification which describes class structure for persistent classes. A POX_parser parser turns a POX instance into a perl data structure. ^

CONSTRUCTOR Name: POP::POX_parser::new Desc: Takes no arguments, returns a new parser object, which embeds an XML::Parser.

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::parse Desc: When given a filename as an argument, parses it and returns the data structure generated from it. If there are any problems, it will die, so you might want to wrap it in an eval {}.

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::start Desc: Used as the callback for element start tags.

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::end Desc: Used as the callback for element end tags.

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::char Desc: Used as the callback for character data. Adds to the comments key of the current parent element.

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::proc Desc: Used as the callback for processing instructions; currently only understands <?version ... ?>

METHOD Name: POP::POX_parser::pox_find Desc: Searches through $POP_POXLIB paths to find .pox file matching given class.

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