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NAME ^ - tcp redirection server

SYNOPSIS ^ [ -c configfile ] [ -f ] { start | stop | reload | restart | check }

DESCRIPTION ^ forwards tcp connections from one IP address and port to another. can forward from multiple ports simultaneously as defined in a config file (/etc/ is called "" instead of simply "rinetd" so as to not be confused with Thomas Boutell's "rinetd" program.

Exactly one of imperitive is required on the command line:


Start a new rinetd server if there isn't one already running.


Stop a running rinetd server


Stop the running rinetd server (if one is running). Start a new rinetd server.


Reconfigure the running rinetd server. Start a new server if none is running.

The command line options are:

-c file

Specify an alternative configuration file. Multiple servers can run simultaneously if they have different config files.


Run in the foreground. Normally detaches itself and runs as a deamon. When it runs as a daemon it redirects its output through the logger(1) program.


The format for forwarding rules (in the config file) is:

 from-ip-address from-port to-ip-address to-port

IP addresses and ports can be numeric or named. Use for listening on all IP addresses.


Allow and deny rules can control what IP addresses are allowed to use the server.

The format of rules is:

 allow|deny netblock

Filters that follow a forwarding rule apply to that forwarding rule only.

Filters that preceed any forwarding rules apply to all forwarding rules if no per-forwarding rule filter matches.

Filters are not ordered: the most specific filter (smallest network block) that matches is the one that is used.

Filter rules may be indented for clarity. Filter rules must be numeric -- hostnames are not allowed.


 # We have to start with the global access 
 # control list.
 # The order of the rules does not matter.

 deny   any             # '' and 'default' work too
 allow  216.240.32/24 8282 23

 allow  216.240.47/24
 deny daytime daytime # idiom's clock is better


Copyright (C) 2005,2006 David Muir Sharnoff <> Copyright (C) 2013 Google, Inc. This module may be used/copied/etc on the same terms as Perl itself.

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