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Christophe Mertz > svg2zinc-perl


This Release svg2zinc-perl_0.9  [Download] [Browse 29 Oct 2003 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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Special Files


Math::Bezier::Convert Convert cubic and quadratic bezier each other.  UNAUTHORIZED 0.01
SVG::SVG2zinc a module to display or convert svg files in scripts, classes, images...    0.09
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend     1.11
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::Display     1.08
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::Image     1.04
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::PerlClass     1.04
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::PerlScript     1.14
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::Print     1.04
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::Tcl     1.01
SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend::TclScript     1.02
SVG::SVG2zinc::Conversions     1.09
SVGExtension     1.06


SVG:SVG2zinc::Backend a virtual class SVG:SVG2zinc svg reader. Sub-class are specialized for different type of generation 
SVG:SVG2zinc::Backend::Display a backend class for displaying SVG file 
SVG:SVG2zinc::Backend::Image a backend class for generating image file from SVG file 
SVG:SVG2zinc::Backend::PerlScript a backend class generating Perl script displaying the content of a SVG file 
SVG:SVG2zinc::Backend::TclScript a backend class for generating Tcl script displays a svg file or generates perl script, perl module or jpg,gif,png images sample script to test generated perl classes (with the PerlClass backend)