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NAME ^ - displays a svg file or generates perl script, perl module or jpg,gif,png images

SYNOPSIS ^ -help Display [options] [-render 0|1|2] svgfile PerlScript [options] [-render 0|1|2] svgfile outfile PerlClass [options] [-prefix a_prefix] svgfile outfile Image [options] [-w pixels] [-h pixels] [-ratio %] svgfile outfile UserBackend [options] [userBackendOptions] svgfile [outfile]

DESCRIPTION ^ is a perl script which examplifie the use of SVG::SVG2zinc to read and interprete SVG file. Depending on the Backend can be used to:


Displays a SVG file in a TkZinc windows.


Generates a perl script able to display the SVG file in a TkZinc windows


Generates a perl class module usable by other TkZinc based applications


Generates a tcl script able to display the SVG file in a TkZinc windows module usable by other TkZinc based applications. BEWARE: it is still higly experimental


Generates an image file of usual bitmap format such as gif, jpeg or png, depending on the outfile suffix. Accepted suffixes are those of the imagemagic package. -w option defines the image width, -h option defines the image height and -ratio option defines the image ratio towards the svg defined size. This requires the imagemagic package


Just print on stdout some incomplete lines of code similar of the code produced (or evaluated) with other backends. This backend is not very usefull except for SVG2zinc debug or as an exemple of oversimplified backend.


Generate data or file according to the provided UserBackend. This backend can be either a file or a sub class of SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend. In both cases, they must be reachable in the perl pathes. The options given to this backend should be documented in this backend. To write such a backend you should read the SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend(3pm) man pages and look to other backends as examples.

In this case, the [userBackendOptions] options must be given in the following form: -option1 val1 -option2 val2 with fullnames for options and a value for each option. These options are the same than those accepted by the module


The generic options available for all backends are :


to get more information on stdout


To treat xml file where SVG is a namespace


Mainly the same bugs and limitations of SVG::SVG2zinc(3pm)


SVG::SVG2zinc(3pm) SVG::SVG2zinc::Backend(3pm) Tk::Zinc(3pm)

TkZinc is available at


Christophe Mertz <> with some help from Daniel Etienne <>


CENA (C) 2002-2003

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the term of the LGPL licence.

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