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This Release urpmi-8.112  [Download] [Browse 14 Jun 2018
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
Special Files


gurpmi Graphical routines for gurpmi GUI      
urpm Mageia perl tools to handle the urpmi database     8.112
urpm::args command-line argument parser for the urpm* tools      
urpm::bug_report Bug reporting routines for urpmi      
urpm::cdrom Retrieving packages from removable media      
urpm::cfg routines to handle the urpmi configuration files      
urpm::download download routines for the urpm* tools      
urpm::get_pkgs Package retrieving routines for urpmi      
urpm::install Package installation transaction routines for urpmi      
urpm::ldap routines to handle configuration with ldap      
urpm::lock urpm/rpm DB locking related routines for urpmi      
urpm::main_loop The install/remove main loop for urpm based programs (urpmi, gurpmi, rpmdrake, drakx)      
urpm::md5sum Meta-data checking routines for urpmi      
urpm::media Media routines for urpmi      
urpm::mirrors Mirrors routines for urpmi      
urpm::msg routines to prompt messages from the urpm* tools      
urpm::orphans The orphan management code for urpmi      
urpm::parallel Run an urpmi command in parallel on a number of hosts      
urpm::prompt base class to prompt the user for data      
urpm::removable Removable media routines for urpmi      
urpm::select package selection routines for urpmi      
urpm::signature Package signature routines for urpmi      
urpm::sys OS-related routines for urpmi      
urpm::util Misc. utilities subs for urpmi      
urpm::xml_info XML data manipulation related routines for urpmi      
urpm::xml_info_pkg XML Package data retrieving related routines for urpmi      


proxy.cfg urpmi proxy configuration file format.  
rurpme restricted urpme  
rurpmi restricted urpmi  
urpme rpm deinstaller  
urpmf Finds the packages matching some conditions  
urpmi rpm downloader, installer and dependency solver  
urpmi.addmedia adds a new rpm media to be used by urpmi  
urpmi.cfg urpmi option and media configuration file format  
urpmi.files files used by the urpmi tools  
urpmi.removemedia remove a rpm media from the known media of urpmi  
urpmi.update Updates package lists for specified media  
urpmihowto urpmi Advanced How-To  
urpmq urpmi database query tool.  

Other Files