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This Release webrobot-0.81  [Download] [Browse 13 Nov 2006
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Special Files


WWW::Webrobot Run Testplans     0.81
WWW::Webrobot::Assert Assertions for (http) requests      
WWW::Webrobot::AssertConstant assert object for constant values      
WWW::Webrobot::AssertDefault default assertion      
WWW::Webrobot::Attributes define setter/getter for attributes of a class      
WWW::Webrobot::Forker fork children and open socket to childrens STDOUT      
WWW::Webrobot::Global Some global functions (internal)      
WWW::Webrobot::HarnessTester make *.t executables from *.xml testplans and run the plans      
WWW::Webrobot::Histogram Plain simple histograms      
WWW::Webrobot::Html2XHtml convert HTML to XML      
WWW::Webrobot::HtmlAnalyzer analyze HTML files for links/images/frames      
WWW::Webrobot::HttpErrcode HTTP Error Codes      
WWW::Webrobot::MyEncode Subroutines for 'Encode'      
WWW::Webrobot::MyUserAgent specialized user agent      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::ChildSend special class for multiple clients for load tests      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::File Store received content on disk and compare to a second run      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::FilterHTTP ???      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::Html write response content to the file system      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::MakeTestplan print a line based testplan      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::NegativeTest Invert all assertions      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::Null Zero response output listener      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::Test write response content according to Test::More      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::TestSimple write response content according to Test::More      
WWW::Webrobot::Print::Text write response content to STDOUT      
WWW::Webrobot::Properties Implements a config format like java.util.Properties      
WWW::Webrobot::Recur::Browser act like a browser when selecting a url      
WWW::Webrobot::Recur::LinkChecker check all links you can get.      
WWW::Webrobot::Recur::RandomBrowser act like a user klicking urls.      
WWW::Webrobot::SelftestRunner Start httpd and run a test plan      
WWW::Webrobot::SendMail simple wrapper for sending mail      
WWW::Webrobot::Statistic Plain simple statistic      
WWW::Webrobot::StupidHTTPD A simple HTTP daemon for tests      
WWW::Webrobot::SymbolTable Symbol table for Webrobot properties      
WWW::Webrobot::TestplanRunner runs a testplan      
WWW::Webrobot::UseXPath Apply XPath expressions to an xml string      
WWW::Webrobot::UserAgentConnection create and configure a user agent      
WWW::Webrobot::Util some simple utilities      
WWW::Webrobot::WebrobotLoad Run testplans with multiple clients      
WWW::Webrobot::XHtml enable XHTML and XPath in HTTP::Response      
WWW::Webrobot::XML2Tree wrapper for XML::Parser      


WWW::Webrobot::pod::Config How to configure Webrobot  
WWW::Webrobot::pod::OutputListeners Interface for the family of output listeners  
WWW::Webrobot::pod::Recur Interface for traversing a site / generating multiple urls  
WWW::Webrobot::pod::Testplan How to write a test plan for webrobot  
webrobot run a testplan  
webrobot-gen-plan Generate an XML testplan from a simple ASCII format  
webrobot-load run a testplan in multiple client mode  
webrobot-send-mail send mail  
xpath-shell evaluate XPath expressions according to an XML file