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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPAN Search? ^

CPAN Search is a search engine for the distributions, modules, docs, and ID's on CPAN. It was conceived and built by Graham Barr as a way to make things easier to navigate. Originally named TUCS [ The Ultimate CPAN Search ] it was later named CPAN Search or Search DOT CPAN.

I'm having trouble connecting to search and I think it may be down, whom do I contact? ^

If you are having technical difficulties with the site itself, send mail to and try to be as detailed as possible in your note describing the problem.

Why is "Module X" not listed in the Catalogue? Where do I send suggestions/feedback? ^

The Catalogue on the front page is based on the Perl 5 Module List and if there is a module you think should be included in a particular category, you may either use the feedback link on the top of the page or send mail to with your suggestions.

I have uploaded a distribution to CPAN but queries on do not find it. ^

Are there any other search engines for CPAN? ^


Randy Kobes' search engine at Winnipeg.

WAIT which searches all documents on CPAN contains the core documentation for Perl version 5.8.6, in HTML and PDF formats.

Can I get the results to be output in XML format? ^

Yes, by adding a 'format=xml' in the URL like so: This feature is NOT supported and it may change at any time so don't build applications to depend on its continued presence.

Can I get an RSS file of the recent modules for my news portal, etc? ^

Yes, we have an RSS file at If you use it, you must also provide a link back to CPAN Search at Please send a note to to inform us of the URL.

Is there a API? ^

Yes, there are API urls that will return JSON. Here are some examples

Do you keep statistics on which modules are most popular? ^

No. is only one way to access what is on CPAN. Any statistics gathered by would not be very representative because we have no way to gather statistics for downloads from all the worldwide CPAN mirrors

Where do the author's pictures come from and how do I set mine? ^

They come from the Gravatar associated with that author's email address. To set yours, simply sign up at using your address.

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