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This Release Eidolon-0.02  [Download] [Browse 19 Jun 2009
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Special Files


Eidolon web application framework.     0.02
Eidolon::Application Eidolon application base class.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Attributes base class for application controllers (only when Eidolon::Driver::Router::Basic router driver is used).     0.02
Eidolon::Core::CGI common gateway interface functions for Eidolon.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Config generic configuration of the Eidolon application.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Exception base exception class for Eidolon.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Exception::Builder exception builder for Eidolon.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Exceptions Eidolon core exception list.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Loader Eidolon driver loader.     0.02
Eidolon::Core::Registry global data storage for the Eidolon application.     0.02
Eidolon::Debug Eidolon debugging facility.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver Eidolon generic driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::DB Eidolon generic database driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::DB::Exceptions Eidolon database driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Exceptions Eidolon driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Log Eidolon generic log driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Log::Exceptions Eidolon log driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Router Eidolon generic router driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Router::Exceptions Eidolon router driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Template Eidolon generic template driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::Template::Exceptions Eidolon template driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::User Eidolon generic user driver.     0.02
Eidolon::Driver::User::Exceptions Eidolon user driver exceptions.     0.02
Eidolon::Error system-wide error handler.     0.02

Documentation Eidolon application code generator.